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Julia has been a very busy person. In addition to performing standup at venues all over the country, she is currently starring in the critically acclaimed documentary, “Julia Scotti: Funny that Way”. After a very successful film festival tour, it is now streaming on digital platforms! 

Julia continues to break down barriers in every facet of show business, proving that age not just a number, it’s an asset! 


She is excited to have a cameo in the 2022 groundbreaking film "Bro's" - starring Billy Eichner. She has also starred in a short film entitled “Relatable Joy”, playing what else but a comedian! And she looks forward to bringing her acting talents to more projects in the near future. Also on tap, is a Dry Bar Comedy special, which was recorded earlier this year. In the meantime, can see her on the Showtime network as one of the featured performers in “More Funny Women of a Certain Age”, produced by her old and dear friend, Carole Montgomery. 

Julia has released her second album "Primal Cuts" following the huge success of her first album, “Hello Boys, I’m Back!”. Both available for download wherever fine comedy is sold!

And of course, Julia remains a fan favorite of America’s Got Talent Audiences around the world. Her three appearances appear on YouTube with over a million views on each!

If you can’t keep up with this amazing lady’s comings and goings, be sure to sign up for her newsletter at for all the latest! 



Babes 2024                                                   Feature Film.                        Directed by Pamela Adlon


Fabulous Seven Forever 2024                       Feature Film                         Directed by A.J. Ciccotelli


Bros 2022                                                    Feature Film                        Directed by Billy Eichner


Relatable Joy 2021                                      Short Film                            Directed by SiJi Xu


Julia Scott: Funny That Way  2020               Documentary                       Director Susan Sandler


More Funny Women of a Certain Age          Comedy Special                   Showtime

America's Got Talent 2016                           Talent Show                          NBC

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