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Straight older woman BROS
Billy Eichner Bros
Film making!
Jim Dale

Hanging with Jim Dale at Larry Storch's 97th Birthday Party!

Larry Storch 97th B'day

With the amazing Larry Storch at his 97th B-day bash!

Suzanne Westenhoefer

Love this woman!

Nick Cannon

Nice shoes and he smelled good!

Howie Mandel

Nice, nice man!

Grace Vanderwaal

Amazing young lady!

Michel Phelps

Group picture with Michael Phelps after live show.

Sal Valentinetti

These 2 look like they just pulled off a bank heist. Love Sal and cousin Tommy!

Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett

Don't let these cute magicians fool you. Immediately after this Julia disappeared form the show!

Alexa Keane

A wonderful producer and human being.

Ronee Martin

These 2 on a show together?

Hair and Make-up

Julia in hair and make-up prior to live show. Brian Justin-Crum is getting dolled up beside her.

The Amazing Sladek

At one point this guy climbed a mountain of chairs. Julia can't get out of one chair!

Vello Vaher

Contortionist Vello in one of the few known pictures of him in the upright position.

Linkin Bridge

Wonderful guys and beautiful voices!

Edgar Family

Great family and wonderful singers!

Sitting Around
Show set-list

This is from 90's courtesy of Jackie Martling. Rich Gagliardi (Julia) and these losers Sinefeld and Murphy all on a show together,

Rich Voss Bonnie McFarlane

Julia on Bonnie and Rich's Sirius/XM show

Jane Condon

Ladies of Laughter

Jeff Pirami and Chris Monty

Jeff, Chris and the queen before a show at the Borgata, Atlantic City.

Kevin Meaney Pat O'Donnell

Kevin, Pat and Julia before a Borgata show

Felipe Esparaza

Laughlin Comedy Festival

Rain Pryor Tony Diseveria

Comedy Benefit

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